Professional mobile kitchen trailer design and manufacturing
Get your restaurant brand noticed in places with high demand.
Shiny aluminium exteriors look great in any colour you choose. Fully customisable interior to cater to any cuisine. Currently available in 1000 cubic feet length: CLOUD 1000 variant - up to 8 staff capacity.
Business Ready
Walk-through aisle design, Seagull windows, 75% VM space
Flexi-tile Interiors
100% customisable and ergonomic modular interiors
Sustainable Mobility
Reduces carbon footprint, saves money on energy
The premium eco-vehicle designed to give wheels to your f&b & retail business
CLOUD1000 is designed to be the highly reliable multi-purpose vehicle for medium and long distance travel needed for evolving retail, f&b and hospitality needs. Developed and engineered especially to meet India’s intra-city and inter-city needs and memorable experiences, using world-class material science.
Sustainable materials , Zero emissions, Safe, electric & flameless
We are committed to bringing the safest, cleanest, and most advanced solutions for the mobile food industry to vendors, municipalities and consumers across India.
Specifications          CLOUD1000 Variant

Length                     6.7 meters

Exterior body           Aluminium

Interior body            Customisable

Interior space          28 cubic meters

Usage                      Intra / Inter-City
Commercial grade M.E.P., electric infrastructure, anti-skid floors, lighting infrastructure. Easy to use.
Step-in customer experience, 1000 cubic feet space, Flexi-tile interior, healthy air-circulation, bright working environment. Designed for comfort, safety and hygiene.
Smart power system allows for operation with minimum energy usage, powered using a standard power outlet, built-in smart meters. Electric and Safe.
CLOUD1000 can be towed using a vehicle with a capacity of 1,500 kgs. Travels at a top speed of 60km/h.
Aluminium & Steel ‘MADE IN INDIA’ to guarantee quality and safety.
Community orders
Pick-up convenience
Delivery nearby
Direct-to-consumer business enablement model
With Hungry Wheels Service Platform: We take your restaurant to your customers, so you focus on the food and making profits. India's first 100% govt compliant and ready for any cuisine.
Drivers, overnight parking, allied services make life easy.
Location change flexibility to access high demand.
And... much more!
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